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"Because this is my life. And that’s the only explanation you will ever need."Unknown (via blackbruise)

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*txts back 20 days later & picks up the conversation where we left off as if no time has passed and without an excuse*

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*breaks the law* *duct tapes it back together*

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me when buying something over $10: do i need this? do i need any material objects? will this matter when i face the great abyss?

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"Things To Live For"

Books. Reading. Food. Pizza. Sleep. Naps. TV Shows. Movies. Shopping. Music. Writing. Learning. Trying new things. Travel. Going to concerts. Dancing. Dancing in the rain. Rain. Smiling. Making other people’s days. Crying. Laughing. Loving. Love. To feel true heartbreak. To finally be over heartbreak. Making love. Feeling loved. The smell of fresh air in the wee hours of the morning. The smell of coffee. The feeling of finally be warm after being cold for a long time. Showers. Cold showers. Warm showers. Winter. Snow. Bare trees. The beauty of seasons. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Flowers. Picking flowers and giving it to someone you care about. The smell after rain. Feeling better and energized after being sick. Meeting new people. Making new friends. Losing the negativity in your life. Being positive after being sad for years. Amusement parks. Aquariums. Seeing and experiencing new things. Making memories. Graduating. Doing what you love. Success. Getting a tattoo or piercing. Proving people you can when they say you can’t. Family. Friends. Your pet(s). Moving to a place you’ve always wanted to live. Singing. The feeling of being free while singing your heart out. New music. Videos. Pictures. Playing an instrument. Learning to play an instrument. Meeting your hero. Becoming well-known. Christmas. Thanksgiving. Meeting the love of your life. Your kids. New smells. The smell of cinnamon and vanilla candles. Chap-stick. Laughing until you can’t breathe and doubling over in pain. Walking. Running. Freedom. Relaxing. Breathing. Realizing you’re not alone. Being there for someone. Someone being there for you. To live. Not to just exist. To live for yourself. To find out who you really are. Live for yourself. Do things for yourself. Be good to yourself, and be good to other people. You are loved. You are important. Time is precious. So live.

-by me(Sarah-Lynn)

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isn’t it absolutely crazy that the person you are going to marry is somewhere in the world right now. they could be eating, sleeping, staring up at the same sky you do wondering who they are going to marry as well.

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*removes one earbud* what

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*goes a few hours without internet access* wow i’m so healthy and wild i could live in the woods

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Morning coffee to start my day.